18 January 2015

Daily Tip: Consider Fashion Law

Do you love fashion and are thinking of making it a second career? If so, consider fashion law. It's not just about cheap knockoffs in Times Square anymore. 

Daily tip:
Protect the intellectual property of designers

Designs are routinely ripped off. While not always easy to prove or prosecute, there is often a very real legal infringement of a designer's intellectual property. Stealing designs without crediting the designer not only dilutes the brand equity, but robs designers of revenue. That's where fashion attorneys come in. 

From well-known Louis Vuitton vs. Hyundai to the lesser-known WOWCH vs. Urban Outfitters, fashion copying happens all the time. So if you're looking to make a career change, or just interested in learning about another side of fashion, read these Racked or Business Insider articles for an overview of this burgeoning industry. 

Image from Fashionarium.com