18 August 2014

Daily Tip: Own Your Filter

Dana Suchow, a fashion blogger who authors the site Do The Hot Pants, recently "came out" in Elle about bloggers and photoshopping. She said she was tired of shaming herself and tired of projecting something unreal to her readers.

Her cause is noble, but I posit that it's the deceit that is harmful, not the act itself. I'm not here to say lose the Instagram filter, but rather, own it. Don't deny it, don't try to pass that soft lighting off as dusk, just filter to your heart's content and if anyone asks, tell them, yes, in fact, I do think I look prettier when photoshopped. And so do you. 

Daily tip:
Own your filter

Before and after (skin retouched) images of Dana Suchow
Image from Elle.com