20 September 2014

Daily Tip: Fool-proof Ways to Tie a Scarf

It's never really not scarf season, but there's something about autumn that makes us reach for them even faster. Here's a quick lesson on my favorite scarf tying technique. And if video tutorials are more your thing, keep reading for links to some great ones by Pure Wow

1. Neatly fold a large square scarf into a triangle
2. Place around your neck, with the point of the triangle in front and the ends behind your neck
3. Wrap the ends around your neck and bring them to the front, over top the point
4. Tie the ends into a loose knot
5. Fluff it up, make it slightly messy

Daily tip: 
Tie a scarf like all the cool girls

Pure Wow has two great 1.5-minute video tutorials: Learn How to Wear a Scarf (featuring three different knots, including the "messy cowgirl" above) and More Ways to Tie a Scarf (featuring three more, including the "fancy pretzel"). 


Image from Pure Wow