02 November 2014

Daily Tip: Marry Opposites

How does that phrase about oil and water go? Oh, never mind. When it comes to fashion, pairing opposites together just seems to work. 

Daily tip:
Marry opposites and make all of your outfits feel fresh again

Denim and heels are so...yesterday. The simplest way to upgrade your pairings is to take one of your standard "uniforms" and switch out a key piece with something unexpected. 

Feminine frock? Add creepers or engineer boots.
Khaki pencil skirt? Add a neon sweater.
Flowy wide leg slacks? Add a boxy knit vest. 
Striped breton shirt? Add jeans with a wild print. 

This neon green Acne sweater would look so good with your neutrals
Image from Hamptons Magazine